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Baldrics are worn at Friday parades and on special occasions by the Regimental Band Drum Major and the Regimental Pipe Band Drum Major. A baldric is an ornamented belt or sash worn over the left shoulder to pay honor to and add to the dignity of an organization. Sometimes a baldric has a sword or a bugle suspended from it, but this is not the case for the Bands' baldrics. The unique design of The Citadel's baldrics includes The Citadel uniform cap device, the name of the College and the nine battle streamers. Also in the design is a patch depicting two crossed cannons, a bursting cannon ball and two laurel branches. The patch has the same design as those worn by faculty members of the 19th century on their coattails. The embroidering on the baldrics is done in real silver and gold thread. The baldrics were presented on January 26, 2001, by Mr. Ernie Owens, Band Company, Citadel Class of 1954. (Source: Brigadier, February 2, 2001, pp. 1, 3) (DH)

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