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The Bond Monument is a benchmark used by surveyors. It is located on Summerall Field (Parade Ground) where lines going to Mark Clark Hall and Thompson Hall intersect. It has a lot of information on it but this is the most important: latitude: 32 degrees, 47 minutes, 53.935 seconds north; longitude: 079 degrees, 57 minutes, 37.642 seconds west; elevation: 12.7 feet.

There is a similar plate in front of LeTellier Hall on or near the steps. This plate says: Citadel reset. 1938. Latitude: 32 degrees, 47 minutes, 55.138 seconds north; Longitude: 079 degrees, 57 minutes, 40.836 seconds west; Elevation 13.01 feet. The Field Monument is another benchmark used by surveyors. It is located in front of the Daniel Library on the Parade Ground. (Source: communication from Professor Thomas R. Dion, Citadel Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, September 22, 2006) (HN & DH)

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