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1842 On December 20, the South Carolina State Legislature enacts law establishing The Citadel.

1843 On March 20, twenty-eight cadets from South Carolina enter The Citadel.

1846 On November 20, first class graduates from The Citadel.

1846 From November 20-December 24, The Citadel trains the Palmetto Regiment on Marion Square for combat during the Mexican- American War. The Palmetto Regiment fights under General Winfield Scott at Vera Cruz.

1861 On January 9, Citadel cadets fire "first shots of the Civil War" on the Federal steamer, Star of the West, which was trying to resupply and garrison Fort Sumter.

1863 On July 1-3, the following Citadel graduates were killed at Gettysburg: D. T. Williams, class of 1852; G. M. McDowell, class of 1856; and J. A. Burns, class of 1861.

1864 On December 7, the Corps of Cadets drive Federal Troops from Tulifinny Creek trestle, on the Charleston-Savannah railroad near Pocotaligo, S.C.

1865 On February 17, the Cadet Corps leaves the Old Citadel for its historic march to North Carolina to support General Joseph Johnston, or to western South Carolina to support Hardee's Corps.

1865 On February 18, Federal troops enter Charleston and occupy the Old Citadel.

1865 On May 9, the Corps of Cadets is disbanded in front of the courthouse at Newberry, S.C. This was 31 days after Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomatox.

1882 On October 21, The Citadel is reopened at Marion Square with 185 new cadets.

1898 Twenty-five Citadel graduates serve during the Spanish-American War.

1910 On February 25, the South Carolina Military Academy officially becomes The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.

1912 The Citadel establishes a degree in civil engineering.

1917 All thirty-three members of the class of 1917 served in the U.S. Armed Forces during WWI.

1922 The Citadel moves from Marion Square to Hampton Park.

1924 On December 5, The Citadel becomes a fully accredited four-year college.

1931 In September, General Charles P. Summerall becomes the tenth president. He serves until 1953.

1935 On October 24, President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivers a speech on the Parade Ground.

1936 The Citadel joins the Southern Conference for intercollegiate activities.

1941-1945 277 Citadel graduates were killed in WWII.

1954 General Mark W. Clark becomes President. He serves until 1965.

1954 On April 12, President Dwight D. Eisenhower visits The Citadel and receives an honorary degree.

1970 Charles Foster and Joseph Shine become the first black graduates.

1975 President Gerald Ford receives an honorary degree. He was a shipmate of Col. Dennis Nicholson, former Vice-President for Development in World War II.

1989 On September 20, Hurricane Hugo devastates Charleston and The Citadel.

1991 In March, the Persian Gulf War ends with more than 200 graduates and 22 cadets serving on active duty.

1993 Shannon Faulkner admitted then rejected by The Citadel after it is discovered she is a female.

1995 Shannon Faulkner admitted as the first female cadet but shortly withdraws.

1996 Four women enter The Citadel as cadets: Mace, Lovetinska, Messer, and Mentavlos.

1999 Mace, is the first female graduate of the Corps of Cadets.

2002 First seven African American female cadets graduate.

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