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The Citadel Colors—Blue and White Unlike most Citadel customs and traditions, which have developed over a long period of time, the college colors were chosen in the interest of expediency. In the spring of 1899, Cadet Captain John W. Moore, manager of the baseball team, secured permission to take the team on its first road trip. Prior to that time all athletic contests had been staged locally. As other colleges had colors which were displayed in athletic contests, Cadet Moore and two or three friends decided that blue and white made an appropriate combination; they hastily had pennants made in these colors to take along. Although born out of necessity, the colors were readily accepted by the Corps and have endured to this day. Symbology: Blue symbolizes the clear sky with unlimited horizons, which foretells of a Citadel cadet’s future. White symbolizes purity of thought and actions, honesty and decency – all elements of The Citadel Code, the Honor Code, and the “Whole Person” concept.

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