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Reference Rooms--Distinguished Alumni

Charles C. Tew. Class of 1846

Hugh S. Thompson. Class of 1856

Thomas A Huguenin. Class of 1859

George E. Haynesworth. Class of 1861

James P. Kinard. Class of 1886

Alexander S. Salley. Class of 1892

Albert S. Thomas. Class of 1892

William E. Woodward. 1893

Cecil C. Wyche. 1906

Robert E. Gribbin. 1906

James H. Hammond. 1907

C. Francis Myers, Jr. Class of 1914

James H. Holmes, Jr. Class of 1915

Julius A. Mood, Jr. Class of 1916

James T. Moore. Class of 1916

George H. Yarborough. Class of 1916

Julius C. Cogswell. Class of 1917

Lewie G. Merritt. Class of 1917

Edward B. Hope. Class of 1917

Orlando C. Mood. Class of 1921

William L. McKittrick. Class of 1918

William O. Brice. Class of 1921

S. Marvin Griffin. Class of 1929

James C. Self, Jr. Class of 1941

Ernest F. Hollings. Class of 1942

Theodore S. Bell. Class of 1942

Alvah H. Chapman, Jr. Class of 1942

John C. West. Class of 1942

Terry D. Cordell. Class of 1957

Hugh R. Nelson, Jr. Class of 1959

William D. H. Ragin. Class of 1961

Samuel R. Bird. Class of 1961

William White Hartzog. Class of 1963

Charles I. Jones III. Class of 1965

John L. Fuller, Jr. Class of 1966

Reference Rooms--Presidents

Capt. William F. Graham, USA. 1843-1844

Maj. Richard W. Colcock, USA. 1844-1852

Maj. Francis W. Capers, SCM. 1852-1859

Maj. Peter F. Stevens, SCM. 1859-1861

Maj. James B. White, SCM. 1861-1865

Col. John P. Thomas, CSA. 1882-1885

Brig. Gen. George D. Johnston, CSA. 1885-1890

Col. Asbury Coward, CSA. 1890-1908

Col. Oliver J. Bond, SCM. 1908-1931

Gen. Charles P. Summerall, USA, Ret. 1931-1953

Col. Louis S. LeTellier, SCM (Acting President). 1953-1954

Gen. Mark W. Clark, USA, Ret. 1954-1965

Gen. Hugh P. Harris, USA, Ret. 1965-1970

Maj. Gen. James W. Duckett, SCM. 1970-1974

Lt. Gen. George M. Seignious II, USA, Ret. 1974-1979

Maj. Gen. Wallace E. Anderson (Acting President). 1979 (portrait missing)

Vice-Admiral James B. Stockdale, USN, Ret. 1979-1980 (portrait missing)

Maj. Gen. James A. Grimsley, Jr. 1980-1989

Lt. Gen. Claudius E. Watts III, USAF, Ret. 1989-1996

Maj. Gen. R. Clifton Poole, SCM. (Interim President). 1996-1997

Maj. Gen. John S. Grinalds, USMC, Ret. 1997-2005 (his portrait hangs in Mark Clark Hall)

North Reading Room--Chairmen of the Board of Visitors

James Jones. 1842-1865

R. J. Davant. 1865-

James Conner. 1865-

Johnson Hagood. 1877-1898

C. S. Gadsden. 1898-1915

W. W. Lewis. 1915-1925

Orlando P. Sheppard. 1916-1925

John P. Thomas. 1925-1949

James R. Westmoreland. 1949-1957

Joseph M. Moorer. 1957-1960

David E. McCuen, Jr. 1960-1965

Edwin A. Pollock. 1965-1968

John M. Holliday. 1968-1974

Larkin H. Jennings, Jr. 1974-1975

George C. James. 1981-1987

William R. Risher. 1987-1992

James Emerson Jones, Jr. 1992-1997

Francis P. Mood, Jr. 1997- (no portrait yet)

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