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The M4A4 Sherman has a 75 mm short gun. It was presented to The Citadel on September 15, 1956. Col. Statler (d. 1967), a former English professor here, drove the tank to The Citadel. The tank used to be painted pink or some other color by cadets before a big weekend. (Source: Cadet Horace Greeley IV, Class of 1957) General Clark did not seem to mind. He said that he had more paint than they had. It was last painted in the 1970s. Before the engines were rendered inoperable, some cadets actually put gasoline in the tank and drove it in Charleston where they stranded it. For many years it was located at the southwest corner of the Parade Ground. It is now located near the northwest corner. The site is officially referred to as the Army Memorial. The actual inscription at the site reads as follows: "'Thunderbolt' This M4 Sherman Tank is similar to that used by LTC Creighton W. Abrams in World War II while commanding the 37th Tank Battalion - 4th Armored Division - Patton's Third Army. General Abrams was Army Chief of Staff from October 12, 1972 until his death on Septemebr 4, 1974. Donated by those who learned from his dynamic leadership. 'Courage Conquers' 37th Armor." (Source: Pamela C. Banas, AROTC) 

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  1. I remember when they repainted my sophomore year with the correct Olive Drab. When I arrived my freshman year it was this awful puke green and looked terrible. Soon after it's repainting, the seniors of the class of 1984 painted flowers on it during Ring Night. I was Corporal of the Guard and assumed my post as General Grimsley was raising hell to anyone who would listen. I was quickly cleaned before the parade that day. Fun times. I didn't know it was an M4A4. The U.S. Army only used the M4A4 for training. It had a Chrysler multibank engine that worried the Army who considered it too complicated. The British happily accepted the A4 and it served with them and their Commonwealth allies. Thank you for the information
    by Scott Erdo, Class of 1986 on Mar 19, 2018.
  2. Oops, I have to add to my comment! I found more pics of The Citadel Sherman, that's an M4A3 not an M4A4.
    by Scott Erdo, Class of 1986 on Mar 19, 2018.

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