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The firing on The Star of the West was the first action of the Civil War. At dawn on January 9, 1861, Citadel cadets succeeded in driving off the federal ship, Star of the West, as it was trying to bring supplies to Fort Sumter. Seventeen shots were fired, of which three hit the ship. The actual attack on the fort began three months and three days later on April 12, 1861.

The event is depicted in the third mural in the Daniel Library. This mural is 8-ft. x 13-ft. and was dedicated on June 2, 1960. The picture depicts the cadets manning four 24-lb. siege guns on Morris Island. 

Size of The Star of the West:

Length - 228' 4"

Beam - 32' 8"

Hull depth - 24' 6"

(Sources: Oliver Bond, Story of the Citadel; A. G. D. Wiles, The Boys Behind The Gun, a small pamphlet kept at the Circulation Desk)

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