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Avenue of Remembrance.....The road in front of the Daniel Library. Originally it was the road that went around three sides of the parade ground. When the library road was built it, too, was called the Avenue of Remembrance. Having four different roads all called by the same name caused confusion when giving directions. To remedy this The Citadel took the following action in the 1970s. The road in front of the library was officially designated "The Avenue of Remembrance," while the other three sides, the original "Avenue of Remembrance," were given the names of the roads of which they are extensions. The side in front of Bond Hall is now Lee Avenue The road in front of the barracks is now Jones Avenue. The road in front of Jenkins and LeTellier Halls is now Jenkins Avenue. The Avenue of Remembrance is sometimes referred to as "Memory Lane."

Courvoisie Blvd.....Roadway north of Padgett-Thomas Barracks.

Via Freda.....Another name for Courvoisie Blvd. According to the 1997-1998 telephone directory the road between Padgett-Thomas Barracks and what used to be Murray Barracks is called Courvoisie Avenue. Originally, the concrete walkway, not the road, against Padgett-Thomas was called Courvoisie Blvd. because Boo would park his old green Comet there before parades. The roadway itself was Via Freda since the band formed there before parades. Major Leon Freda was the bandmaster until his death in 1966. Bill Warmer, Class of 1966 and Hood Hampton, Class of 1968 painted both names on a concrete parking bumper and carried it to the site sometime between 1964 and 1966. (Source: Hood Hampton)

Lee Avenue.....Front of Bond Hall.

Jones Avenue.....Front of Barracks.

Jenkins Avenue.....Front of Jenkins Hall.

Richardson Avenue.....Behind Bond Hall.

Mims Avenue.....Front of Quarters 6 & 7.

Hammond Avenue.....Front of President's House.

Register Road.....Front of Quarters 10-13.

Willson Avenue.....Behind Dunnemann Duplexes. Named for Dr. John O. Willson. Class of 1862. President of Lander College and donor of the Willson ring. The street is listed as such in The Guidon, 1997-1998 and every previous Guidon edition. Unfortunately, it was once misspelled in The Citadel telephone directory with the result that the signs now refer to the street as "Wilson" with one "l." There is no "Wilson" important enough in Citadel history who warrants having anything named after him. Rather than change the signs it will probably remain "Wilson" forever, commemorating nothing more than a misspelling.

Grier Avenue.....Between Armory and railroad tracks.

O'Toole Avenue.....Between 2 & 3 Barracks.

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