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The title of the Head of The Citadel was changed from Superintendent to President in 1921, when The Citadel moved to its present location. Oliver Bond was the last Superintendent and also the first President of The Citadel.

1843-1844 William F. Graham, USA

1844-1852 Major Richard W. Colcock, USA

1852-1859 Major Francis W. Capers, SCM

1859-1861 Major Peter F. Stevens, SCM

1861-1865 Major James B. White, SCM

1865-1882 The Citadel was closed.

1882-1885 Col. John P. Thomas, CSA

1885-1890 Brigadier General George D. Johnston, CSA

1890-1908 Col. Asbury Coward, CSA

1908-1931 Col. Oliver J. Bond, SCM

1931-1953 General Charles P. Summerall, USA, Ret.

1953-1954 Col. Louis S. LeTellier, UMSC (Interim)

1954-1965 General Mark Clark, USA, Ret.

1965-1970 General Hugh P. Harris, USA, Ret.

1970-1974 Major General James W. Duckett, SCM

1974-1978 Lieutenant General George M. Seignious, II, USA, Ret.

1978-1979 Major General Wallace E. Anderson, UMSC (Interim)

1979-1980 Vice-Admiral James B. Stockdale, USN Ret.

1980-1989 Major General James A. Grimsley, Jr., USA, Ret.

1989-1996 Lieutenant General Claudius E. Watts, III, USAF, Ret.

1996-1997 Major General Roger C. Poole, SCM, (Interim)

1997-2005 Major General John S. Grinalds, USMC, Ret.

2005-2006 Major General Roger C. Poole, SCM, (Interim)

2006- Lieutenant General John W. Rosa, USAF, Ret.

(Sources: Oliver J. Bond, Story of The Citadel, p. 223; The Guidon)

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